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Why now is the time to plan a post-pandemic migration

Many of us have long-harboured a dream of living overseas, yet been held back by our work and lifestyle commitments. In 2021 the world is still reeling from the turmoil of a global virus, but could this actually be the ideal time to consider moving abroad?

International travel will soon start to open up and there could be some very tempting reasons to start thinking about a big move. It’s never too soon to start taking practical steps too, e.g. look into travel and health insurance, get some international removals quotes, make enquiries about accommodation options. But first, here are our top 6 reasons to start getting migration-ready.

1. Work is where the wifi is

The office is no longer the epicentre of working life. For many, the world will open up opportunities to work more remotely than we previously thought possible. Thanks to our new collective skills in Zooms, Teams and Google Meets we have a new freedom to choose where to work from. A new ability to design our lifestyle around our workplace.

2. Choose your own background

With restricted movement during lockdown we’ve learned a lot about what we desire from our home and local surroundings. Do you seek open space, mountains, beaches, city life? We’re likely to place greater value on what’s on our doorstep. What are your doorstep priorities and could a move abroad give you more chances to meet them?

3. Holiday at home

The future of travel may not be so wide as it once was, at least not for a while. There may be a reluctance to travel far. So, for our future moves, we might consider taking our homes to the places we’d vacation to. For example, if you always holidayed to the coast maybe now is the time to consider relocating beachside.

Future travel is also likely to become less air-based, so look at the places you can road trip from your future home.

4. Leave the city

Cities are not likely to be the hub of activity they once were. Online shopping, online working, even online socialising has become easy. High street stores and eateries are moving online and offices are selling up workspaces. Future moves may be less driven by the need to live within, or within easy reach of, an urban metropolis.

5. Improve your health and wellbeing

We’ve all experienced the many impacts of a life in lockdown. One thing we’re not likely to forget is the value of our health and wellbeing. This has a lot to do with where we live, including climate, landscape, outdoor pursuits, food choices, pace of life. What environment is good for your mental health and physical wellbeing? Where will you thrive?

If you’re excited by the idea of an international move we’d love to help with your plans, no matter what stage your at. Feel free to contact PSS International Removals for help, advice, a free Home Survey or a shipping quote on 0800 988 3711 or at

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