Leaflet for acupressure mat

Look after yourself this lockdown

Take a 20 minute holiday in your own home.

Melt into a Shakti mat.

Right now we’re working from home, schooling from home, living our lives at home… now you can restore your whole body from home. A Shakti mat is the masseuse that can keep working through lockdown.

ü Could you benefit from more restful sleep, relaxation, mental clarity and wellbeing?

ü Do you need to target and soothe tension in your back, neck, feet, legs or tummy?

ü Would you like to relax your mind and body anytime, anywhere?

The Indian bed of nails has been used as a relaxation aid for 5,000 years. When you lie on The Shakti Acupressure Mat thousands of sharp spikes will apply pressure to the body providing a deep, warming sensation. Daily use for just 20 minutes releases tired muscles and promotes deep, restorative sleep.


“Since using a Shakti mat I am calmer throughout the day, my sleep has improved, my body aches and pains are nearly gone and my circulation has improved.” Clara, London

Why buy Shakti?

We invest in the wellbeing, wages, medical support and education of all our employees in India.

10% of our profits are donated to humanitarian charities.

Each Shakti mat is handmade by local craftspeople using organic materials.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and using sustainable products.

Do something you’ve never done before. Relax on a bed of nails. You won’t regret it.

Buy online: www.shaktimat.co.uk

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Images by Free-Photos from Pixabay