Advert for Brussels sprouts

Make Christmas great, put a sprout on your plate.

Celebrate the unsung hero of the Christmas Day roast. Always here like an old faithful pal. Not one for fanfare or fads or fashions. And never one to cause concern in panic-buying battles.

When the vote’s been cast, as with Christmases past. They’ll hold face, with dignity and grace. They won’t complain, they’ll always remain.

Divisive yet dependable. The great Brussels sprout.

What a year we’ve had. It could have been better. But as you sit down this Christmas hold familiar friends near. Remember the small things, the often forgotten. Cherish the humble, the steadfast, the loyal.

Forks out for the Brussels sprout. It wouldn’t be Christmas without.

(Go on, make Mum’s day – do her proud.)


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay