May 7th 2021

How copywriting helped to save the world: A climate-change story from the future

In 2021 there was a terrifying and devastating situation on planet Earth. It was a really big deal. The world was heating up so fast that it was heading for catastrophic disruption.

If people didn’t act quickly they would soon find their lives dominated by extreme storms, droughts, floods and heat waves. In less than 100 years humans would be plagued by unimaginable illness, homelessness, poverty, hunger, pollution and war.

But nobody knew, nobody understood, nobody was doing enough

And then, in flew a troupe of caped copywriters with incredible super-powers. They had the power to motivate, engage, inform and inspire action, all through the clever use of words. They started to help scientists and governments to communicate important messages to the public. They spoke the language of the people and the people were inspired to take positive actions towards reversing the changing climate.

By translating the facts and the data the copywriters got people excited about eco-products and green companies. Consumers began to share the passions of ethical and sustainable businesses and were inspired by environmental charities and NGOs. The clever copywriters shared positive messages that instilled hope and stimulated change. They combined crafty content with scientific rigour to build credibility and trust so that, gradually, awareness turned into action.

Over the years (and through the hard work of many, many industries, scientists, governments and individuals – all inspired by effective communications) global temperatures stabilised, renewable energy replaced fossil fuels, trees were planted, the air became cleaner, cities became greener, buildings became more efficient, people ate less meat and farming became more sustainable. The people had saved the planet. And could pass it on to their children a healthier and happier place to live in. Message delivered.

The End (except for the hashtags)

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