Promotional copy for travel by bike

All the feels on just two wheels: Travel by bike

Feel the wind on your face, the calories burn, fresh air in your lungs as the wheels turn. Leave behind the traffic jams and don’t bother with the parking restrictions. Ride like the wind.

Don’t spend time at the gym; hit the road, or the trails. Get outdoors, feel free, choose your route, seek new views. Soar flying solo or cruise with a crowd. You choose. Your way. Access freedom unbound. It’s good for your mind – it boosts your mood. And it’s good for the planet - can you afford not to?

Travel by bike and you’re saving all round. Knock years off your fitness age, and risk of disease. Save time stuck in traffic jams and searching for parking. Save money on road tax, insurance and fuel. There’s no MOT and the parking is free. The savings are greater when you look at the planet; choose a bike to save our world! No pollution, less space and less energy to make. Using fewer materials they’re quieter too.

The revolution will not be motorised. Don’t get left behind. Go by bike – mankind’s greatest invention.