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The Halo Code: freeing Afro hair during lockdown

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For many of our crowning glories, 2020 has been the year for experimentation (or neglect). In the midst of a global pandemic, and without access to our cherished hair salons, many of us have taken our hair into our own hands. Home working has meant a relaxation of office-ready hair codes. While home-schooling has seen children roaming free with locs reminiscent of the carefree '70s.

How fitting, amid such hair-free abandon, that this year has seen the launch of a black hair code. Created by a group of campaigners, the Halo Code supports students and staff wearing their Afro hair how they choose and aims to educate teachers and employers about natural hair. Schools and workplaces are being encouraged to sign up to the Halo Code as part of their efforts to end discrimination against people with African and Caribbean backgrounds.

“We believe the individuality of hair should be celebrated, which is why Unilever UK & Ireland is the first company to support and communicate the Halo Code to its people, and believe it is a vital step in the fight to ensure racial justice and racial equity for the next generation,” says Nikki Bowden, Shea UK marketing manager.

Follow these tips to keep curly hair fabulous and free during lockdown and beyond:

1. Keep it simple. Hair can’t absorb too much so a moisturiser or hair oil should be enough to replenish dry curls.

2. Detangle gently. Use water to loosen tangles and work through, section by section, using a wide-tooth comb.

3. Use protective styles like big braids or cornrows.

4. Be creative. Take advantage of this time to try out styles you’ve always wanted to.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay