Actually, I'd rather hear about you! Your ventures, your goals, your targets, your vision, your pain points and how my words can help.

Oh the journeys we will go on, the magic we will weave, the fun we will have... Let's talk about you.

But if it would help to know a little about the person behind the words:

a) Before becoming a copywriter I was a ski instructor, an expedition leader and a soil scientist in the UK and New Zealand. But I've always been happiest writing (I should have listened to my Year 4 teacher when she told me to become a journalist.)

b) When I'm not writing I like climbing steep rocks, running and biking muddy trails, playing the piano, dark chocolate, windswept beaches, New York City and the colour orange.

c) My heroes are Katherine Johnson (a silent hero with a huge brain), Jacinda Arden (leading with compassion, humility and kindness), Mae Jemison (pioneering with a multitude of impressive accolades), David Attenborough (for dedication to saving the planet) and my two children (who amaze me every day). Who inspires you?

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